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West Louisville Girls Choir

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The West Louisville Girls Choir is an integral part of the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy. The Girls Choir offers young ladies the opportunity to learn, develop, grow, and express their giftedness through music education and life learning experiences.  


The young ladies who are alumni and present participants in the choir are encouraged and empowered to discover their worth and to pursue their passion wherever it leads in music and other worthy pursuits.

The Girls Choir: Always Looking To Grow & Develop Girls Into Women

The Girls Choir is always growing, seeking out young ladies who are willing to learn and develop through music education and performance into achieving young women.


Below are a few testimonials from young ladies who have passed through the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy and grown into awesome women with purpose.

Meet Some of The Girls Choir Current Participants

Meet Some of The Girls Choir Alumni (Past Participants)

Meet Girls Choir Alumnus, Mrs. Victoria Stanten

Victoria Stanton img 747px w.jpg

My name is Victoria Staten, and I own a company named Victoria Staten International Events LLC. At VSIEvents, I plan, design, and produce weddings and events locally and internationally for my amazing clients.

But before all of this, I was a student at Evangel Christian School, where I sang and expressed myself through worship and music when my parents enrolled me in the West Louisville Girls Choir. I have so many fond memories of being with the other kids my age and gaining an appreciation for classical music.


Mr. Bluitt made learning to read music and the hard, long practices so much fun. He helped me master a diaphragm based breathing technique for singing that still helps me to this day as I sing at my church. I’m also grateful for the opportunities that singing in the choir has afforded me.

He had a way of pushing me to do more with my voice and hit notes higher than I thought I could. I think that it has always been in the back of my mind when I think it’s something I cannot do.


I learned that persistence goes a long way in life, and most things are worth reaching for. I will forever be a supporter of the choir, and I hope to be able to do so in an even greater way in the future. 

Meet Girls Choir Alumnus, Ms. Shelby Lockhart

Hi, my name is Shelby Lockhart. I am a Louisville native and was blessed with the opportunity to participate in West Louisville Girls Choir from 2002-2009, being a member from sixth grade until high school graduation. When I first joined the choir, I was shy and didn’t know my potential musically and vocally. Dr. Bluitt and the choral director at the time, Andrea Diggs, pushed me out of my comfort zone.


They helped me develop my confidence as a singer and a leader. Not only did I enjoy singing, but I loved the camaraderie shared among members of both Girls’ and Boys’ choir. They were my brothers and sisters, and those relationships still hold strong today!


We encouraged each other, both academically and vocally. Dr. Bluitt was diligent in training a few of us for auditions at YPAS. Upon graduating YPAS, I didn’t major in music, but marketing. However, I was involved in choirs on campus at Murray State University because music was a passion of mine.

We were exposed to many opportunities while being a member of WLPAA from etiquette and leadership training, performing for Muhammad Ali, to touring the Underground Railroad Museum and summer employment opportunities!


 I have a great appreciation and love for the arts due to the memories and experiences I gained at the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy.


The West Louisville Performing Arts Academy will always hold a special place in my heart right along with music and the arts. Thank you to Dr. Bluitt, Mrs. Bluitt, Joshua Bluitt, Andrea Diggs, and many others who have inspired me musically and professionally. I am honored to be a WLPAA Alumni!

Meet Ms. Trinity Young!

Trinity Young-Nickelodeon omg.jpg

You have done it AGAIN!


Trinity auditioned for Nickelodeon on Thursday June 4th. Her mother accompanied her to the audition. 

She is 8 years old, in the third grade, attends St. Matthew's Elementary School and sings second soprano in the West Louisville Girls Choir.  Trinity was part of the Louisville Ballet's Nutcracker December 2018 and 2019. Way to go Trinity!! God Bless You!

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